If I were a historical figure, I'd most likely be Percy Shelley, in that allowing me to do things and interact with people was probably a bad idea.

Potential followers should be aware: I once rewrote Hamlet with strippers. You have been warned.

Call me Cat.

ao3 / other fic

cam, this is your third card, the seven of swords. it represents other influences on your situation. the picture shows a lady in goggles, a clockwork belt, pinstriped tights, and a bitching ruff walking away from a door with a mysterious symbol over it, clutching a bunch of swords to her chest.

the seven of swords is a thief. it can represent you stealing something, or someone stealing something from you. one of the minor arcana, the seven of swords is not as huge an influence as the justice card; therefore, the seven of swords is only a minor influence.

given your question, i might say that the turmoil of your life has a bearing on the turmoil of your identity. the lack of stability and positive movement in your life makes you feel as if someone has stolen your bearings.

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