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ao3 / other fic

cam, your fourth card is the six of cups! it represents your current situation. it pictures a young man or woman in stylin flight gear handing a cup of roses to a lovely young lady, while in the back smokestacks billow black smoke.

the six of cups represents a happy memory, a kind moment in a cruel world. it is far more of an illusionary card than a hard-and-heavy practical card, and it can represent a nostalgic or unrealistic ideal you are clinging to— or a representation of youthful innocence urging you to follow your heart forward.

given your question, i would interpret this to mean a lone moment of happiness in a world surrounded by less appealing things. it could mean your occasional comfort with your identity, or the inherently romantic nature of the card could represent your relationship with galvin. *wonkwonkwonk* your positive memories are largely associated with them, and they are integral to your current situation.

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